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The Last Hope

We're all set to display the new ORB and ultraORB at The Last Hope at Hotel Pennsylvania tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday. We spent the evening in the space prepping things and meeting a few of the early arrivals. Looking forward to an interesting weekend.

Time for sleep now. I thought hackers were going to bed at 8:30am, not registering for conferences.

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Hopeful Hacker:

Saw the Orb/UltraOrb at The Last Hope.

Don't know how you can have an objective comments section when it's moderated, but frankly, didn't find it all that impressive.

And I don't just mean because it was mainly a mechanical engineering exercise either. If Jim is a LOT younger than he looks, I'd have to give him props, but otherwise, total meh.


yea, that Orb thing aint that special... maybe if 'Jim' was pre-natal, like in the womb... and surface mounted those components with his mind... man, that would be somethin'

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