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Billed as a conference unlike any other, TED2007 lives up to the hype. A powerful talk from Bill Clinton and a beautiful performance from Tracy Chapman were among the many highlights of the last two days. It was truly an honor and incredible experience to take the same stage as so many greats. TED is a really dense conference, and it's going to take a few days to digest everything and report in more detail on some of the specific talks. In the meantime, Ethan Zuckerman has been doing a nice job of blogging the event.

Not that TED is all work and no play, however. The TED Grand Party last night, held in a converted jet hangar was an amazing opportunity to talk with such a great number of fascinating people. I'm sure there were so many others that I hope to meet in the future.

I do want to point now to the art of Greg Brotherton, a gifted sculptor from Los Angeles who exhibited two pieces in the TED galleries. A deep history, a strong philosophy, and raw talent combine to create amazing pieces of great beauty.

I leave you now with a few photos from beautiful Monterey, CA:


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