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Reading list (OPML to HTML converter)

Today I finally gave my RSS Newsreader (NetNewsWire) a much needed cleanup, deleting at least most of the feeds which I haven't touched in months. I've been wanting to develop something simple to help people share their feed lists for awhile, so this cleanup inspired me to at least whip up a quick page to convert the OPML feed list to HTML for posting.

It's pretty self-explanatory once you get the OPML file out of your newsreader. File->Export Subscriptions does the trick in NetNewsWire (other readers should have something similar), and the script should work with either flat OPML or with the group information included, although it's anything but extensively tested.

If there's any interest, maybe I'll whip up a quick site to compile the feed lists from the OPML files. In any case, here's my reading list at the moment:


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