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jumpWORD.com on O'Reilly Radar

Last week, jumpWORD.com, the site I worked on for much of the summer, was featured on O'Reilly Radar:

Jumpword is a powerful set of tools for use with your phone. I really like the strong tie-in to the web. They are currently working to make the modules MySpace compliant (the script tags cause them to be blocked). They also aim to provide you with more control over the look of the modules -- a necessary improvement.

I think that most people will not grok how to use these tools or how to set them up on the Jumpword website. I think that Jumpword is going to have to build some applications with their tools or get more games to use them (or become the next MySpace fad!). They are still looking for business models, but are currently considering offering the service to corporations in need of a mobile toolkit for events.

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