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Bourdain in Beirut

I finally caught Travel Channel's Anthony Bourdain in Beirut last night and it was an intense hour of television. What was originally intended as just another episode of the excellent travel and food show No Reservations abruptly turned into a first hand account of the beginnings of war and the ensuing struggle to escape.

It's a must see glimpse into the world of war, behind the scenes and shot from the opposite side of the bombs that we Americans are used to. Watching the war-ravaged locals try to keep the party going even as war breaks out is at once inspiring and devastating, and hearing a first hand account of the representation of our nation that President Bush portrays to those in Beirut is purely sickening. But whatever your political bent, it's a good perspective to see for those of us that are lucky to not have witnessed it first hand thus far.

Rumor has it that the show will air again on the Travel Channel later in September, and a written account by Bourdain is available here.


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