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Ubuntu Dual-display with an Apple Cinema Display

A few days ago I switched my PC to Ubuntu Linux. It's a slick distro - very easy to install and pretty out of the box. After a little poking around in the xorg.conf file, I was able to get a Cinema Display and an old Dell CRT working together in a nice dual monitor setup with a dual-head ATI Radeon 8500 graphics card. Here's the xorg.conf.

I also found a nice page about theming Ubuntu to look like Mac OSX. Pretty.

Finally, I wanted to set the box up as an AFP server so I could easily access fileshares from my MacBook. There's an open source project called Netatalk that does just that. However the binary version that installs using Ubuntu's apt-get lacks the authentication mechanism required to allow logins (it worked but only with guest access). Here's a thread from the Ubuntu forums that details how to download and compile the correct version from source code.


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