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NIME - Performance Plan

For my Chua performance I intend to use my analog chua circuit, with an X-Y interface made of slide potentiometers along with the variable inductor I have constructed previously. On the display will be the analog oscilloscope output, possibly processed with Max/Jitter.

Sonically, I envision the performance to start out very slowly, with solo Chua starting with quiet, simple, near-sinusoidal oscillations (near-circles on the display). Gradually the sound will get slightly more chaotic but still dry, and a simple electronic beat will enter. The Chua will stay dry for awhile, but as a bit of synth is added into the beat, effects will start to be added, opening up the stereo effect and adding a bit of delay. This will gradually build to a climax, which will be full on chaotic Chua with a bass enhancer shifting material down to the lower octaves and getting a very intense rumble in addition to the chaotic top end. At an appropriate moment, this will give way to dry simple near sinusoidal Chua with beats. The beat will stop, and then the Chua wave fades away.


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