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NIME - Concept Presentation

Controller for Chaotic Synthesizer and Effects

When/Why Chaos?

Original Project

Sound Design for Marisol

Simulation Applet

What's the Problem?

Portfolio Work

Chua Parameter Space (2D View)

Chua Parameter Space (3D View)


Time and/or Pitch Based

What's the Solution?

Analog or Digital?

Analog - Physical and/or Electronic Interfaces

Digital - Max, Java, Processing, C++ (VST), etc.?


Many dimensional

High expressivity, at least in a few channels

Interface Approaches

Video Sensing

Hand Recognition

2 Hands * 3 Dimensions = 6D Control

Color Recognition

Use printed patterns and/or lights to control

Sensor-based Gesture Recognition

3D, Flight-sim like interface

Existing interfaces

Any ideas?


Where am I?

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