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February 2, 2006

My Original Chua Project

Morris and I working on the ChuaBack to where the madness all began. I just found this link to the first project I did involving Chua's oscillator as an undergrad in 2000 at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with Morris Chukhman, who at the time was a graduate student in mathematics, for a class on the physics of electronic musical instruments taught by Steve Errede.

We succeded in building an analog implementation of Chua's circuit, learning about the details of the required components and where non-idealities were not acceptable. We then experimented with combining the circuit with traditional digital effects as well as perturbing the system with the output of an electric guitar, as in the photo. These sessions produced the recordings which led to the use of the system in my sound design project at SIUE with Nathan Ruyle.

February 7, 2006

Finite State Machine

Pattern Generation
with Anne Hong
Double Helix based on two previous states, implemented in PIC with 5x5 LED Matrix. (simulation)


Expanded last weeks Attraction applet into 3D. (view applet)

February 15, 2006

NIME - Concept Presentation

Controller for Chaotic Synthesizer and Effects

When/Why Chaos?

Original Project

Sound Design for Marisol

Simulation Applet

What's the Problem?

Portfolio Work

Chua Parameter Space (2D View)

Chua Parameter Space (3D View)


Time and/or Pitch Based

What's the Solution?

Analog or Digital?

Analog - Physical and/or Electronic Interfaces

Digital - Max, Java, Processing, C++ (VST), etc.?


Many dimensional

High expressivity, at least in a few channels

Interface Approaches

Video Sensing

Hand Recognition

2 Hands * 3 Dimensions = 6D Control

Color Recognition

Use printed patterns and/or lights to control

Sensor-based Gesture Recognition

3D, Flight-sim like interface

Existing interfaces

Any ideas?

February 19, 2006

Music is...

Music is the shorthand of emotion.

Enjoy the sounds and musings of brilliant jazz trumpeter Dave Douglas at Greenleaf Music.

February 22, 2006


3D life sim applet using rule based particle system to model carnivorous behavior. View the applet.

Flight Pattern Visualization

Beautiful visualization of flight activity over the United States by Aaron Koblin at UCLA.

February 25, 2006

Music is...

Music is a number made audible.

Thanks to Gideon and Jamie for these project references for NIME.


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