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December 24, 2005

GSPS: GumSpots Positioning System

GSPS: GumSpots Positioning System

GSPS: GumSpots Positioning System is a project I worked on last semester with Jason Kaufman, also of the Interactive Telecommunications Program. Utilizing image recognition and pattern matching techniques, we use patterns of gumspots to determine the position and orientation of a user, who submits an image from a camera-enabled mobile phone.In addition to being exhibited in ITP's 2005 Winter Show, the project was featured in Engadget as well as a number of other technology sources.

Developed in Java using Eclipse.

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Me at ITP Winter Show 2005

Welcome. I have started this site for myself and others as a memoir of my trip through life and, for now, the Interactive Telecommunications Program experience and as a place to log the ideas and thoughts that otherwise seem to slip away. I look forward to comments and criticisms, helping and being helped, and whatever else comes my way. Life is good.

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Vibrato - Touch Sensitive Musical Instrument

Vibrato is the final project Anne Hong and I did for Physical Computing last semester. The photo at left shows the layout, seven tubular illuminated keys, with linear proximity sensors that detect the position of a finger touch anywhere along each tube. By touching the key anywhere along its length, the user plays a corresponding note of the music scale, with the octave depending upon which third of its length is pressed. Subsequently, the user can slide the finger on the key to perform pitch bend or vibrato effects.

The sensors used were Quantum QT401 linear touch sliders on custom designed PCBs embedded within each key, with 3M Photographic tape used as the required resistive element. A 12" piece of the 3/4" wide tape has a resistance around 75k-Ohms, perfect for this application. More details are available on the project site.

Upon further refinement, the project has been requested for display in ITP's Spring 2006 Show.


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